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Created on 2016-05-12 22:43:44 (#2514716), last updated 2016-05-17 (70 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Nov 7
Location:United States of America
Hello fandom friends!
My name is Brianna, I'm a twenty-something University student, who has a love for many fandoms, and bandoms! 2010 Alumni! and 2014 Alumni! Yes, that means Highschool grad, and college grad!
Cis. Hetero. Female. Straight…mostly? Questionable? I like guys. all kinds of guys.
Some of my favorite fandoms are Vampire Academy (V.A.) by Richelle Mead as well as her Bloodlines series
I'm a HUGE TV buff, favorites here include, Criminal Minds, CSI, and way too many trashy tv shows lol.
I'll also mention Bandoms! That's right I have a thing for boys in bands, and they include but are not limited to, We The Kings, Escape the Fate, Falling In Reverse, Panic!At The Disco, The Academy Is... Cobra Starship, and there are many many more, trust me.
I'm a lover of all things! that means Slash, Het, not so much Femslash, but I'm not knocking it, if the paring is interesting, I'll give almost anything a go.
I've written very many bandslash stories, that I may crosspost. and I've written a few stories for Criminal Minds fandom as well, but my new love is VA fiction. I'll be writing a lot more of that in my near future I see.
I do love to make new friends, so don't be shy, because I'm not! Also I do sometimes take requests, even if they're not part of my usual fandoms or bandoms, if I know of the characters, and know a bit of their personality, I'll give it a go!
You may have also seen some of my stuff on LiveJournal, as well as I'm also on Tumblr, if you know where to look ;)

I’ve been dabbling with my design software, fucking shit up in photoshop and being ashamed of what comes out of it.
I’ve been doing this thing where I read a lot of books recently, I might post some stuff about my new love for books.
And lets not forget the FANFICTION!
I am an avid fanfic reader and writer. I can be found on LiveJournal, and AO3. if you know where to look….or if you ask.
I have a job that I go to when I’m not at school. When my day off comes around I like to sit on the couch and get drunk, and I’d say I do my best design work when I’ve been drinking. I’m the girl who will sit in bed with a bottle of wine, no glass watching TV for seven hour, then need a refill on my wine.
I am a shipper of many tings. you’ll rarely find something I don’t ship.
Welcome to the Party!

Oh and friends, let me just say, I do not own any of these people or characters that I write about in my stories, none whatsoever, unless otherwise stated. This is all for fun, pure fiction. :)

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